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September 14, 2008


I think we've all had that terrible realization, "OMG, I've turned into my mother"! Or I've walked by the mirror and had to look twice...it's scary! The good thing? This cruel joke of life will turn on my daughter(who says "I'll never be like you". Same thing I said!)

the woman who cuts my hair knows NOT to blow-dry it ... because the face in the mirror with my hair blown straight?

yeah, you guessed it.

Evidently I look a lot like my mother. People who haven't seen me in years (10, 20 or more years) will stop me in the store to talk to me, knowing who I must be - because I look like my mother.

Late commentor ont his I know. But I too have looked at myself more and have become more critical since I turned 45. I'm about to be 46 and I hate getting old. There I said it.

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