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August 06, 2008


My now 17-year old son soloed (sp?) last August. Since then he has only flown another ten hours? He was so excited but now appears to be nervous (has to fly cross country, at night, etc.). I've stopped even asking him what his plans are to complete his private pilot's license. I hope it's something he wants to do, but as a white-knuckled flier myself I will completely understand if he doesn't.

Funny - I feel the same way about my eldest son driving. And my second son? Totally enamored with flight. So I know I'll have to deal with that in a number of years, also...

Bobbie, I know a lot of people who start the license and don't finish it. Some of them because of the solo aspect (and obviously no one should be pushed to go solo if they don't feel ready!). More often it just fizzles out - it's a taxing and expensive hobby which requires a lot of time. Also, I think a lot of people want to learn the basics to understand it (and/or to get over fears) without really being that bothered about the final license and being able to fly.

Suburbancorrespondent: Funny that flying came up before driving here! Although I can't really imagine my son keeping concentration on the road either. He'd probably start day dreaming and driving straight through red lights becuase "I just didn't see them..."


I liked your blog - my son has pestered me for the last 3 years to take flying lessons. Like you, I searched for reasons to say NO. Now, at 17, he has a job and plans on paying for them himself. I have no more reasons for saying no - soon he'll be 18 and won't need my permission. So I guess I'll just sit and stress.

Tell your son I spent 3 years pestering mine to be interested in planes.

One of us is stupid and it isn't him. :)

Sylvia! Welcome to MCMM! That "Way to go, Mom" line made me laugh out loud, because it's just the way I occasionally find myself talking to myself -- because I deserve it. Consistency in parenting is so damned difficult, and seems to get harder, not easier, as they get older.

Do you come to EAA airventure in Oshkosh? He'd probably get hooked completely, so maybe that wouldn't be a good idea.

Hi Ilona! ;)

Lately my worst problem seems to be a total loss of tact. I bite my tongue but it's too late and the words have already flown out. Argh!

Daisy: funnily enough, I don't think he's ever been to an airshow. That's rather careless of me! I've heard of the event in Oshkosh but I've never been. It sounds like great fun!

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