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August 18, 2008


Isn't it great? When we were packing up to move my 17yo son found my collection of Broadway Shows, the Beatles and Pink Floyd - LPs. After a discussion of what they were and how you play them, he ran out and used his own hard earned money to buy a turntable so he could play them! Now he refers to them as his LPs.

Ah, memories! I have quite a few LPs...some from my day, some inherited, and some older ones that I just picked up on my own. I never listen to them anymore - the skipping causes fury to overtake me - but I still love having them around.

I love Journey!

I have Journey on my Ipod : ) As well as some other "albums" I listened to when I was younger....nothing like the music you grew up with.

the mixed tape from the boyfriend!! i love that. i guess today it would be a playlist. loses some of its tactile qualities.

Sylvia thank you for filling in at the last minute. Journey rocks, Styx rocks, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins rock. Not so bad when you share the age and era. :)

Nancy: a few years ago, we were walking down the street when my son sang a line from Bohemian Rhapsody. Of course, I joined in and he froze on the spot. How did I know that song? He wasn't sure whether to be upset or impressed.

Belle: we don't own a normal record player anymore which is a bit weird. The gramophone makes everything sound ancient and interesting.

Lynn: My boyfriend (current, not Geoff) doesn't know what an album is. How weird is that? I think he must have grown up in a time warp.

Amy: I definitely don't think a playlist is the same at all. We used to spend HOURS making the perfect tapes - one for someone else was a labour of love. Although for all I know, Geoff had a stack of 'em to hand out to all the girls. :)

Janice: You have a copy of the same tape, admit it!

And my mother would like everyone to know that it was Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" and not Elvis Presley at all.

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