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August 04, 2008


hmm. both teen girls here do their own laundry.

but the other items on your list? that waaaaaay overshadows the excitement of laundry-do'ers.


Wow. I didn't know cracked heels was an actual "thing" until I read this and then Googled it. I just thought I wore my sandals too much on vacation.

I totally have cracked heels. WaaaaH!

Hair .... yep, just want lots of hair!

Taking pictures the other day, I was told to FIX my hair, cause my scalp was showing.


Legs. Check. Hair. Check. Feet. Check. Perky breasts. Check. Aw, now I'm depressed. At least my girl can do her own laundry. That's a plus.

I thought the cracked heels was just me, as well.

I never was, but I always thought I would like to be tall. And have killer legs w/o cracked heels *sigh*

* I'm having a CONTEST! Have you entered yet? *

My thin waist, my happy go lucky personality, my youth....oh this was your list, sorry it sounded a lot like mine. heh!!

I wouldn't mind a few of these back either ...the ultimate wish list.

I hear ya! Perky breasts... I can barely remember... *sigh*

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