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August 03, 2008


The New Normal - how true!

Good luck with that smile. Maybe if it lasts long enough you can get a picture of it to blackmail her with later.

Have a great dairy laden week!

ugh. you mean it doesn't get better at 15?? i was hoping ....

I hear you on the 15-yr-old girl snarkiness. The-world-revolves-me-and -are-you-kidding-me-that-you-don't-get-that?!?!?
Enjoy the dairy fest.

Oh! Sea Base is wonderful!
I spent a week on a HUGE sail boat last summer there (I presume that's what he's doing?) - I'm so jealous! I fell in love with the Keys last summer thanks to Sea Base.
The staff is wonderful, he's in good hands.

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