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August 05, 2008


I hear you. The saddest part of this description is that it fits my own father to a tee. Luckily, neither my brother nor I inherited his characteristics, his (I honestly think this) Aspergers.

I think you are great mom. And a great role model.

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Wow, that has to be tough. Husband was reluctant to acknowledge the diagnosis and subsequent treatment and adjustments that have been recommended for things one and two but after seeing the huge difference the changes made, he's come around. I cannot imagine dealing with any kid without the support of their other parent and a kid with special needs is even more in need of all the adults in their life to be on the same page.

Your son is lucky to have you and maybe this divorce will be the wake up call to his father that it is not all rosy and "okay" the way he wants it to be while he buries his head in the sand. Good luck, I'll send all the good vibes out to you that I can.

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