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August 17, 2008


haha. we had to disconnect the smoke alarm in my kitchen because of my bad habit of leaving something on the stove and 'just going to check email'

very impressed by your teens. goes to show, they are paying attention even when we think they are not.

good work

They sure can be useful those teens. Daughter saved the day in an emergency last year when Grandmother broke her shoulder on Father's Day which was also the twins birthday which was also the day we were having a big party. She finished up laundry, cake baking & decorating and helped with dinner & clean up.

Just when I think I might have to kill her, she redeems herself. Sounds like yours are like that too!

Now go check your kitchen...

Exactly, Katy. (And how did you know that pot was boiling?)

Teens do have redeeming qualities. Mine was fantastic on Friday; not so much today. Grrrr.

You only have to ride and nag them for about 14 years and it starts to sink in. It's really ugly if you haven't been nagging them!

I hurt my neck and shoulder by turning my head to pat the dog, who was on the couch beside me.

(Moral of the story: keep the dog off the couch.)

Here's hoping our respective childrens' maturity arrives before decrepitude completely claims us!

It’s the split personality thing that does me in; one minute they're pleasant and accommodating and the next they’re possessed by demon spirits. No wonder I drink.

I'm with you on that one, Fannie.

Ooooh, so the kids do come in handy eventually....good to know.

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