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August 13, 2008


Our kiddos do grow up - for better or for worse! Welcome aboard!

Glad to see you here! I'll be hopping over to check out your blog shortly : )

Thanks for the welcome Daisy. And Lynn, welcome to you. Happy to have a new place to ramble for awhile

I love this post. My daughter is also away at college but I still have 8 more years until my youngest is in college.

I was so missing the old days I actually contacted my high school best friends (5) for a little hometown gathering trip. It has grown to a group of 30 so far. I am so excited about seeing everyone (astonished so many want to get together to see me). I feel like I am a teenager again, but with a lot more confidence.

Your words "Or maybe what makes us good parents to teens, what keeps us going and helps us to be sympathetic to their trials and tribulations is the fact that we can still relate so clearly to their lives." My children started calling me a Cool Mom and I took immediate ofence. My eldest daughter explained to me it was not an insult - You really get us.

funny. when we last saw our son he told us that everyone 'thinks we are chill'.

looks like the temp went down on cool but the sentiment is the same!

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