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August 16, 2008


I love it! Introduce the boy to the wonders of slowly-decreasing SPF factors, so that the "tan" does not start off bright red and peeling and end up blotchy and freckled.

I also want to join you. We've had more rain this summer than we've had in years. Lying about by a pool would end up with me wrinkled with wet, and still pale.

LOL! I was expecting his goal to be a new high score on his video games. Maybe you can talk him into reading a book while he "tans"!

Ilona: He's made his way from 50 to 30 so far. This might take a while.

Daisy: I'm rather glad to see that he has taken a novel out with him (sun is too bright for anything else) although I'm not sure how much actual reading is taking place.

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