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August 30, 2008


how heartbreaking for her.

on the other hand (and i hate to be the sympathy buzz kill here), when you make the adult decision to have unprotected sex, get pregnant and then carry the baby to term and KEEP him, there are adult consequences that result.

the fact that those consequences rob her of her childhood? should have been considered nine months ago.

Has she considered adoption? It's not too late. And, if the parents aren't getting her medical help for the depression, I would be tempted to step in. That's serious.

It hurts to watch - and it can hurt to be involved. I know you and Girl will do what you can, if you can, but take care of yourselves first. Easier said than done, isn't it?

that is certainly a sobering back to school post. and one that sheds some true perspective on what is important in life as opposed to the little things that tend to stress us out.

I was unmarried (although not a teen) when I unexpectedly became pregnant with my son--just to put some perspective on my comment. First of all, re. Janet-- unplanned pregnancy does not necessarily mean unprotected sex. I was using birth control when I got pregnant--there's no such thing as 100%.

That said, consequences can suck, and sometimes they're harder to deal with than others. But perhaps if we raised our children to be more aware of consequences, there would be fewer girls going through this type of thing today.

Speaking as an ex-teen mother myself I would hope that those who are close to the girl would offer her every ounce of support that they can. Many new mothers of all ages have post-partum depression, feel overwhelmed, confused and lack faith in their ability to raise a child. Of course, if she's really not ready to be responsible for a human being adoption is *always* an option and I'd certainly remind of her this.

Although her situation isn't optimal she can still have and make a good life for herself and her child regardless of her young age.

Encourage her to continue her education. Be a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough (as it does for all moms - all ages - look at this blog!). Provide her with resource information on child-rearing and development, nutrition, find her a support group (many areas have these through the Health Dept./Social Services specifically geared to teen parents) and most importantly for the girl in question - give or lead her to legal info and self-help for the abusive baby daddy. Her and her child's life could depend on that.

It's totally irrelevant at this point to say "Well you should of thought of that 9 months ago". There is a child alive in the world now and ultimately, who is going to suffer most if this girl is hung out to dry, left with no support in her situation?

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