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August 29, 2008


Yep, you could be describing my son...he has (and collects) as many computers as I have shoes!

I've been coveting any one of the Macs for exactly the same reason - they are so cute.

And the top reason we went with a Pontiac Montana over any of the others - I liked the commercials (and we could get it with seating for 8).

I think that's a perfectly legitimate reason!

And it's a cute that he can't get pregnant!

It's cute? I love him. Geek kiddos are wonderful fun.

Debbie: Wow. Unless, that is, you don't have a lot of shoes?

Meredith: I was seriously drawn to the iPod touch for a while there. Not 'cute' exactly, but sleek and sooo clever.

Sylvia: Now, why am I not surprised you said that?

SuburbanC: Oh, he has one of those, too, but I have a lot of confidence in their common sense. Even with that banana-flavoured condom I found in the washing machine...

Daisy: Aren't they, though?

I have one of those tech geek sons. He is in the Air Force now for 14 years. His job in the Air Force? keeping the computers and telephone communications systems up and running. His computer room in his makes your sons room look like kindergarten. My grandson cut his teeth on old computer discs.

oh i totally get it!! ;-)

We're at about one computer per person in my house now, but five for ONE person? I'm sure each of them has a specific primary use, too, and that's the reason for keeping them all...But I love that he'd buy a smaller laptop because it's cute. Works for me!

Karen - I am quite, quite sure that in another 14 years my son will also have a computer room, too!

Janet - Nice that he has the money to even consider it. I hope he knows that level of discretionary income will not survive into college...

Florinda - We have pretty close to one each, here, too -- not including the boy's personal stash. With his, we're close to TWO each. Yeesh.

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