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August 22, 2008


I'm laughing because she reminds me of myself in high school! I was very frugal, avoided brand name clothes, and (are you ready for this?!) rode a motorcycle.
I'm glad to hear she knows how important a helmet is. Come to think of it, I had a red one like this...

It's not just important, it's the law. Jean-Marc, to his credit, won't let her ride without it, not that she expects him to. So, yes, I do plan on buying one for her. (But, shhh! It's a surprise!)

Your youngest stepson and my stepson are cut from the same cloth, it sounds like. The 8-YO can't wait to get back to school. He LOVES school.

Even the 14-YO has had enough summer, although she is nowhere near as eager to start back to school (first year of high school - a whole new world for her) as her brother is.

You do have a very sensible teen daughter, and Bekah has asked for an entirely sensible Grade 10 gift - but she's clearly letting you know she wants to ride on that motorcycle! Is THAT what's making you dizzy :-)?

By grade 10 or maybe earlier, it is social death to be seen wearing a new shoes or clothing during the first week of school. "Oooh, did your mommy buy you a new back to school outfit?" LOL. Great days, these.

She's a treasure. But they all are, of course!

I never wore a helmet; I shiver now to think of the risks I took then!

Florinda - I was playing to the gallery a bit, there. Yes, I was talking about her riding that motorcycle, and if I didn't think J-M was an entirely sensible young man, I'd be way more nervous than I am. (He was two weeks in this city before he'd ride it after dark, just taking the time to get used to this place first.) In fact, I'm only moderately nervous, but not enough to refuse to let her.

Molly - Great days, indeed. (Why does that make me think of the Beatles?) She says she has enough clothes! For now...

Sylvia - Isn't it awful? As a child I travelled hundred of miles unfettered in the back seat of the car, many of them kneeling on the back seat so as to peer out the back window. It's lucky we're alive to tell the tale!

Well you know what they say "if you don't have gray hair by forty you have made it", aren't kids fun.

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