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July 31, 2008


Professional writer? Really? I'm not seeing it. Writer's editor must be asleep. Or on vacation. Or drunk. The snippet you posted is simply not well written - it's mediocre by amateur hour standards. (Not that I'm a writer, I'm just a reader, but the phrasing is awkward and juvenile.)

Good point Daisy, well said

The article looked like it had been tossed off in one (very rough) draft. Maybe that's why she was so defensive!

Who is she trying to reach? "Unless you are perfectly blind" (besides being an awkward construction) is insulting not only to real-life blind people, but also to those who, despite genuine effort, are having trouble seeing solutions to their troubles.

It seems that the only people who won't find this insulting are those who don't need the assistance that the article (I gather) is trying to offer. Even among those will be the percentage who find the language gratuitously offensive: that parenthetical phrase is wholly unnecessary.

Does the author truly believe that just because no insult was intended, none would be perceived? How naive. To follow up with a hissy fit goes beyond naivete to arrogance.

If I find I've insulted someone unintentionally, I apologize. Full stop. I have done so quite recently, on my own blog. That's what grown-ups do.

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