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July 19, 2008


This is probably why my mother didn't bat an eye when my sister and I both chose to work at summer camp. Once we were fifteen, we would be home on the occasional Saturday in the summer, and working many of the weekends in the Spring and Fall. She knew we were up at eight thirty am for breakfast, forced to clean our living space for thirty minutes a day, working 24/7, and she didn't have to feed us. Camp counseling was invaluable to me for so many reasons, but I bet it was nice for my mom too.

On Friday and Saturday nights at the beginning and end of the school year, we were sitting in a common area studying with a bunch of other teenagers from other schools while listening for children and getting paid. How much more wholesome could we be?

Unplug (or otherwise disable)all electronic entertainment. Hide all hair and beauty products (you can certainly pick a better spot to hide them, can't you? If you need ideas, e-mail me - I'm an expert, from my shoe-hiding days).

And then, watch 'em sweat. And grovel. It's fun.

S.C., I love your evil cleverness! Hide the curling iron or the handheld video games under a pile of laundry - or dishes. Smirk. They'll find it when they finish the chores.

You've inspired me. I'm going to start saving for a full summer's worth of camp tuition for next year.

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