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July 17, 2008


Thank you! I just had it and a few other cartoons sent to each of my children's email accounts.

:) They'll laugh. Teens and parents alike laugh at Zits!

I got hooked on Zits when my son was around Jeremy's age - it was like the cartoonists had been to my house! I still like it, even though it's 5 years before I'll live with a teenage boy again (thank goodness); I do have a teenage girl right now, though. Same song, different verse...

I love ZITS! It is much too true--and it helps me laugh at my own life.

The creators are definitely in the know. Zits is true to life! Well, the blimp outside the kid's room trying to wake him up isn't realistic, but aren't there days you just really want to do that to your teen?!

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