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July 30, 2008


I suggested a bicycle. That's what we give our 16-year-olds, just to make it totally clear to them that they are not getting a car.

Capital Steps? My 16 year old would be soooo envious! He loves their humor.

i voted for the knife skills class, but after reading the comments, i think suburbancorrespondent is a genius and i wish i had met her when my FIRST child turned 16.

i'm saving this idea for the appropriate time for the 14-year-old!

What about a trip to visit his friends, the other two triplets? Not a cheap gift depending on how far away they live but a pretty memorable one!

Funny, I was just thinking the other day that birthdays seemed to be getting harder the older the kids get. Maybe that's just my kids thought. Daughter has a gazillion friends and wants them all to come to the house for a party for every birthday and the boys don't have very many friends at all and are super awkward socially yet want a "party" like their sister.

Maybe we'll do away with parties next year and send them away to camp for a week for their birthdays. Or maybe a month...

I like Katy's idea. :-) And Christmas vacation isn't TOO far away. We're looking forward to your visit. Now you have to come.

This year we're doing a low key party. I don't know what I'm going to make or how it's gonna work out, but whatever happens, it will be fun.

16 is hard, though. They all want different things, don't they?

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