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July 16, 2008


We have been ripped off, uh, using bunk 1 for 5 years now.
That would be 5 summers of JCC camp for Western PA. My husband likes to play Where's Waldo, which is the search for a shot of the child among the 250 that have uplinked that night. Camp doesn't allow the kids to have phones(a good thing), so we wait for the occasional letter. The "service" bunk 1 has that really sets me off is the email - you get to pay rought 1 dollar per email to send one to your kid. They can't respond, but if all the moms and dads are doing it your kid feels very left out at mail time.

I didn't meant to make this into a diatribe, but just as you don't want to know everything I wonder if mine doesn't want to hear everyday from us!

My son has taken 2 school sponsored trips to Europe. Both trips I arranged for him to have a cell phone to call if he needed to - he called me everyday. The last trip I told him on the 3rd day that he didn't need to call me unless he wanted something or when he got back to the US. His response? "I want to talk to you and hear your voice." I guess even at 17 they get homesick.

I wouldn't have wanted my parents to see everything I did in high school and college - and I'm cautious about knowing more than I need to know about my daughter, too. Son is a different story; due to his Asperger's, he needs social guidance a lot.

Good for you. I love to hear that there are parents out there who don't monitor their childs every move. He's safe , happy and honestly that's the best news any mom can hope for.

Son went to Australia for 3 weeks - only phone call to say his Visa card wouldn't work, so could we wire money to him!
Daughter went to Peru for 2 weeks, no phone calls until she arrived at LAX and needed to tell us what time the plane was leaving.
No e-mail, no website photos, both had a great time.
God knows how the helicopter parents and children will survive college!

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