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July 06, 2008


I cherish my 12-year old son's fleeting moments of being my little boy. And with my 15-year old daughter, I know that if she is speaking sweetly to me, she just wants something. They'll come back around, I know. But it's still hard.

hang in there. my mantra for all of it is: this too shall pass.

but if my teenage daughter called me a stupid old lady, someone would be very sorry ... and it wouldn't have been me. :-)

When you find the secret, bottle it. And patent it.

Janet - Oh, she was sorry...and you can be sure I'll never let her forget it...but as you know, the true revenge will be approximately 30 years from now.

Mine each had what I termed the "ugly year", but it only lasted the one year. (Well, with my eldest, a daughter, it was a little more complicated than just that, but I'm aiming to keep this brief!) My youngest will be 15 on the weekend -- and still no sign of "ugly"!!! Is this third time lucky for mom?

Hmmm, that "ugly year" is now going on 7 years! She'll be 20 in November. It was bad in high school and now that's she's in college, she just uses bigger words to cut me down! No really, it does get better, just take one day at a time and "pick your battles"! And remember that revenge is sweet! (Pray she has a daughter just like her!)

My mother said we all improved when we were 17-18 and went off to college. When we realized we actually didn't know everything, I guess. :)

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