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July 11, 2008


Tick...tick...tick! Do I call or not? Am I being too overprotective? Yeah...I know what you mean! Been there, done that!

yep. this is me. husband sleeps the sleep of the dead.

and i? never do.

I know just what you're talking about. When my son was still at home, he was supposed to pop his head into the bedroom to let me know when he got home (I'm also an early-to-sleep person). Most of the time, though, I would have already jolted myself awake realizing he wasn't in yet. I'd usually lie in bed unable to go back to sleep till he arrived, but sometimes I'd get up and check his room, just in case I'd slept through it.

(His father actually put me through the same thing, but that's another story.)

My stepdaughter will probably be at the point of socializing with her friends at night in another year or two. Her dad's a worrier and a light sleeper anyway, so this won't help. But he'll most likely be awakened by her arrival, and for me, it will be awareness of her absence. The Momma Clock is a perpetual one, I think.

The Momma Clock comes in handy for me; when I take out my hearing aids, something needs to wake me!

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