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July 28, 2008


Why don't more kids have summer jobs? My 17 yo son has been a camp couselor (two years couselor in training) since he graduated from 8th grade. He currently works with 4 year old kids at a day camp. All his friends call him in the evening and whine that they're bored, there's nothing to do, why can't he come spend tomorrow with them at the mall..... To his credit he never takes a day off and usually tells the friends to go get a summer job!

wow! That's one heck of a summer job. Survival is more like it. I'm a Wisconsinite; I'm with you on what constitutes a forest. Trees? Big. Pine, Oak, Maybe birch...
I'm glad my daughter has a job for the summer, and not just because it's good income.

OMG, I would have thought I had died and gone to hell. My summers were boring as crap. I don't watch TV now to amount to anything and didn't watch it at all way back then. I didn't live near the beach or any of my friends for that matter and my mom worked and I lived with my dad who was a teacher and gone most of the summer to conferences and stuff.

Kids do not have a clue what being bored means?

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