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July 04, 2008


I have friends who padlock their pantry. Some of us are real food Nazis, I guess...

I love the way you describe your kids. It's clear you love them to bits, but I warm to a mother who can describe her child as "sort of a dim bulb, sometimes." Ha! (I think she's the soul sister of one of the girls in this house, too...)

I don't think it's being a "food Nazi" to padlock your pantry when the problem gets to this point. Rather than padlocking the entire pantry, could you provide daughter with a padlocked fridge for her room?

When my eldest was going through her pre-adolescent growth spurt, we put a snack container in the fridge, stocked fresh each morning with a few thousand calories worth of nutritious food, mostly to save me from the whining. "I'm huuungry! There's nothing to eeeat!" Somehow, I think this would be inadequate for your boy. Which leaves you what? His own personal snack fridge???

i'm thinking the padlocked fridge or pantry for your daughter ...

and one for you too, if there's something you REALLY want to save from the human garbage disposal.

I so remember my son doing the same thing. I found the only safe hiding place was my bra drawer, where no teenage boy would consider placing his hands or looking. For many years, my stash of chocolate and mint oreo cookies were safe with my bras! Always enjoy your posts!

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