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June 18, 2008


What a lucky kid you have and what a good mama you are! All our kids need to learn that the world (not just Israel) "isn't neat and tidy . . . but loud and messy." They need to learn it and embrace it.

Nina--Shame on those people who look askance at you for what you're doing. This is a remarkable gift you're giving your son. My prayers are with both of you for his happiness and safe return.

*standing up and applauding and cheering wildly*

fabulous. absolutely fabulous.

Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Kudos to you for sending him on his way : )

Good for you. Your child is very lucky.

My daughter was in Israel earlier this year on a class trip and my main reaction to the trip was "Can I go too??" Grumble is going to have a ball and it's going to be something that he'll remember all his life.
A key memory from my 1976 trip at the same age was actually holding our guard/medic's Uzi while he attended to some ailment. The gun was unloaded. That's really cool to a 16 year old- even a girl.

Fabulous. In your shoes, I would send him, too. Absolutely.
We have neighbors emigrated from Jerusalem. They miss their former home, but love the U.S.

I am one of those kids who visited Israel when she was 16, couldn't wait to come back for a year of college, and eventually met my (Israeli) husband and live here (now 15 years!). Your description of Israel is fabulous - and true - it is an amazing place and I'm sure your son will have the time of his life...and hopefully come back again.

(btw - my email is included w/this post, if you need anything at this end while he's here:-)

I think it's wonderful that you want to, and are, sending your son somewhere where he will experience all the things he can not experience here, and where he can learn more about his heritage and see it firsthand. The only thing that would worry me about it is, as you pointed out, him being in a danger zone. And this danger zone seems a lot more dangerous than most other places!

So...I *might* actually let a small look of horror cross my face before I could stop it...but it's only because of the danger you mentioned, and not because I would be thinking you're crazy, or that you were making a bad decision. Hopefully it's not that way with the people you've already come across!

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