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June 10, 2008


Welcome to the club! We forced bribed... our children offered to stand in line at 4am on the Friday after Thanksgiving to buy us a Wii ( they are 20 and 17 and were with their 21 year old buddy who paid dughter to buy one extra that he sold for huge profit on e-bay! Who says our kids aren't business savvy!!). ILOVE IT !! Hubby and I play tennis, golf,baseball and our fave, ten-pin bowling!Our parents got addicted at Christmas, and we hvae hilarious fun with our friends!
I will be ordering Wii fit today, and long for the day they make Rock Band for it!!

Sounds like fun! Great shopping savvy. I'm proud.

ah. would love a wii fit.

but really, you would watch this first. it was the funniest thing i saw this week:


We love the Wii fit! Though it is kind of an overpriced scale....

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