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June 27, 2008


They don't sound like outcasts at all. They sound exactly like my profoundly gifted son...smart, aware, and a lot of fun to be around most of the time.

This makes me feel so much better about my 11 yr old gifted son. There is hope!

I hope my kids are that geeky lol

oh i love this! i have gifted boys who wrote the book on underachievement.


great post... thank you. and I learned something... I had to look up misanthrope

I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail! We had a pet rabbit who was a ringer for the Beast like no Other.

See, to me this all sounds perfectly "normal" :-).

My son was on the accelerated track through high school, so most of his friends were like your son's. The few times he ended up in classes outside of honors and AP made him very appreciative of his "outside" status. My stepson looks to be headed the same way.

Geekiness is family tradition. We've learned to revel in it, but it took a long time. Our kids seem to have embraced it a lot earlier, and good for them!

My 12 DD is in gifted and she is most definitely a nerd and a geek. And she knows it : ) While others are watching hannah montana, she is watching star wars and making lego movies. In fact, we were out today and she bought something that would impress ANY star wars geek out there. I'll be uploading the pics this evening : )

Geeks and nerds rule!! My daughter and friends would rather play board games, watch discovery channel programs like Man vs Wild or Dirty Jobs. They go to the beach, and one of them brings his violin to " serenade the waves". ( I heard him play - this boy is very talented!!). They actually engage my hubby and I in conversation! I love them all to bits and will miss them terribly when they all leave for college this fall...

Isn't it great that so many geeky kids now actually do have a peer group, a social arena where it's accepted and safe to be a geek?

There seems to be a shift happening these days, and I think maybe it's an effect of the internet, whereby "geek" and "nerd" are becoming acceptable social classifications, rather than automatically consigning one to the pariah bin.

I'm sure it varies from place to place and school to school, but it's encouraging!

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