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June 14, 2008


Brain dump - ha! That's good.

I think the noise and the mess are why all us Derfwad Manor fans are clamoring to join the Women's Colony.

You have your hands more than full. Good lord.

Good luck with the lawyer-ing up. When lawyers are involved, a summer isn't very long to get the necessary accomplished. Can't do this sort of stuff without them, but lordy, they're SLOW.

In this school district, if a child can't attend school for any reason (and I would assume a school's refusal to take them would be one), they are obliged to provide tutoring. It doesn't provide the social stuff she likes, but it would give her the math and science...

Wow, that really sucks about the school. I'd be going after them, too!

I have a 15 y.o. and a 14 y.o. My 15 y.o. just got his learner's permit, and now we begin the task of teaching him to drive. I'm skeered.

Good luck with the lawyers and the drving lessons.

Lawyers and Driving Lessons and IEPs -- oh, my! I'd like to wish you a good summer, but it might sound sarcastic, as such an occurence might be unlikely.

Just hold to your heart the belief that you are the mother this kid needed. What would have happened to her with someone else? Someone who would actually give in instead of fighting. Keep your chin up! And make sure YOU get some fun this summer too.

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