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June 09, 2008


I love this title, implying there's a decision being weighed here.

I was so excited when I saw the title of this post! A pro/con list. I was hopeful that at the end you would tell us that if the cons outweigh the pros, we can opt out!!!

Glad I found this blog! LOL I also write about life with teens! It is some kinda fun huh!

have you been peeking in the window of my house?

fortunately i have already survived 3 teenage boys, so i know it can be done. although this ISN"T really helping with the drama of a teenage girl. did i really sign on for this??????

Good lists. Thanks for reminding me to accentuate the positive - such as it is...

Lately due to Amigo's illness, pizza has not been an option. Sniff. Sob. But the sleep in part? I had 3/4 of the laundry done Saturday before he even woke up, much less needed a shower. W00T!

Ha! Bloody brilliant and sooooooo true!

I pity the ones with small children...oh, what they have to look forward to! Oh wait....if we had to do, they have to too!

I loved this post. I couldn't wait for my son to get older and now that he is 12yo, I want my baby back. Changing diapers just seems easier then the current mood swings.

So very true, on all counts!

I can't believe how our grocery bill has tripled - at least- since my kids became teens.

All so true, and then all too soon they are gone...first night of an empty nest, as my son has gone away for a summer job...enjoying the peace and clean house...but missing him already. Enjoy them while they are there, as it goes way too fast!

That sleeping thing? Did you know that in infancy the human body releases a growth hormone during sleep? I wonder if we're still doing it during adolescence? Which means that all that sleep is *causing* the growth.

I remember being 14. I hated it. I was miserable all the time, my mother was THE most mortifying woman on the planet, and everyone was laughing at me behind my back. Everyone. All the time.

I would not be 14 again for the world. I am empathetic, but it doesn't make it any easier to live with one!

Found you via the Buzz. So this is what I get to look forward to. Yikes! Though I'm looking forward to being able to finally get some real sleep!

Ilona~human growth hormone or HGH is released during sleep. Even adults still heve very small amounts released when sleeping. HUGE amounts are released in teens.

Thanks to everyone who came by and left a comment. :) I'be been down with a sinus infection which is why I haven't commented earloer. :)

Thanks for the great pros/cons list- I can absolutely relate. I have a 12 year old daughter and I agree that raising a teenager can be complicated. There is a great site that I found that offers a lot of helps to parents who need a little help in raising teens. For those of you who are interested the website is www.loveandlogic.com. There are a lot of different books on their website which focus many different pertaining issues.

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