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June 02, 2008


Oh.My.Lord. No one who is not the parent of teenage boys could have written this. My 18-y-o adult child has a toothache and wonders why the dentist won't prescribe Vicodin (or even Tylenol 3). It would be a bad thing and the dentist knows it. The crude comments. The Axe (ew), the FEET! The buzzing/ringing of phones. The missing food, the in-your-way, the sucking of teeth and rolling of eyes, the accusations of taking their things... Yeah I woke up this morning and before my feet hit the floor, I was plotting. Yeah.

It warms the cockles of my heart to know I am not alone.

Smell of feet??? I took my car into the mechanic because I thought some animal had crawled into the engine and died (we live in a semi-rural area and my car is outside). Turns out my son shoved his athletic shoes under the front seat!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about gross!

What IS the attraction of Axe? My son (19) wore that stuff for about six months until his sisters (22 and almost 15) FINALLY convinced him that to girls it smells like roadkill. (His girlfriend is much, much too sweet to say anything so blunt. His girlfriend is much, much too sweet for her own good...)

His foot odor seems to have improved greatly this year. Thanks be for small mercies.

yes and yes and yes and yes.

He's not talking to me right now because I won't let him have the mouse off of my office computer. Considering I work from home and it's still NOT 5 pm. He broke the home computer mouse because he got pissed.

Do you read the comic strip Zits? It's perfect. It is all true -- much like your post! Ah, the teens. What they didn't tell us when we complained about the terrible twos.

I will happily trade mine in for a toddler. You are not alone!!

Oh yes. The sisterhood of being the mother of a teenage monster, wait, I mean boy(s). I did not even mention the encrusted food on the plates in their rooms....
It is terrific knowing it is not only my sons or my life. :) Thank you all.

I am so with you on that Axe stuff! Yuck! Sensory overload--even hours later! LOL!

Hope your son is feeling better!

Great list!

axe...My son doesn't have it but sometimes he will come home reeeeking! They have AXE WARS...if a little isn't bad enough.
He heads straight for the shower.

...they only listen when they want to, oh wait! That's all males, isn't it? My Bad.

Yes, I'm afraid so!

...the pungent aroma of AXE shower gel. (No girl with smell receptors could like this crap.)

Agreed. I can handle it in small doses, but most teen boys douse themselves in it....as if they're trying to attract all girls within a sixty mile radius!

One of my boys' Axe deodorant somehow got smashed in his gym bag without the top on it (of course! Does it ever happen any other way?) and it all emptied into my car one night. Took me a year or more to get the smell out, and it's probably still not completely gone. I've probably just gotten used to it by now.

And don't forget how they just keep on and on and on and on and ON when they want something really bad. I'd sometimes rather butt skulls with a battering ram.

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