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June 22, 2008


Happy Birthday, SC! Did you really bake blueberry bread instead of, say, watching CSI? Or sleeping? A day off should mean a day off, girl. Next year, it's a spa for you and Lunchables for everyone else!

My 46th is coming up in a couple weeks and all I can think of is a day off from trying to house train the puppy. But I know it would mean that I'd just be stepping in unexpected puddles all day. *sigh*

It is odd how the work doesn't take care of itself when you're taking a day off. Enjoy your week with a little less drama in the house.

A lot less drama! Praise be to God! I don't realize how much it is weighing me down until it's not there.

Happy belated birthday! I am glad you got to get out for a little while, even if it meant having the things which were put-off to do when you got home.

I sometimes think having kids keeps me young. I find myself wondering what my life is going to be like once they are grown and gone, and I don't even want to think about it!

SC, during your next 24 hours of goof-off, you should write yourself a letter about what you're going to do when they're all out of the house. Then, if you get to feeling all sentimental and wistful when they are, you can read it. And laugh.

Happy birthday! Somehow, after 40 they're not as painful. I think my 30s were more momentus. Maybe it's the lack of diapers...I like that part, too. Have an extra piece of cake!

Happy Birthday! You do know 14yos and 16yos can pack their own food, don't you?(ducking before she can smack me). You are over a year younger then me :P~~~that should make you feel better.

The travelers were having to get up at 5 AM and I would be sleeping in - that's why I martyred myself in the kitchen making their sandwiches, etc. Plus I had already worked Anna's butt off in anticipation of her being gone for an entire week.

Happy Birthday to a cool lady!

From a much older woman of almost 47!

Goof off for 24 hours? What would I do? READ and eat good healthy dark chocolate.
Preferably (but not likely!), in a hammock at the beach...

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