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June 19, 2008


Snorting coffee out my nose -- I feel your pain! I can tell when La Petite is home from school when her shoes (Converse All-Stars in every color and pattern imaginable) start to scatter.

This one is too easy. If the shoes aren't where they belong? Take them. And hide them. And charge for their return.

Also, use a shoe receptacle that the shoes can be thrown into (a milk crate by the door, say) for the kids. They are more likely to toss shoes into the crate than they are to carefully place them on a shelf.

We use assigned milk crates in the hall closet for our kids - but believe me, I often have to resort to the repo option.

yup. chronic. constant. neverending.

but eventually they grow up and litter their OWN place with shoes.

Oh my! That would totally send me over the edge. I grew up with a one-pair-of-shoes-at-a-time rule and I learned quickly (or shoes started disappearing and I had to earn them back). My kids, we have a OPOSAAT rule but....the toddlers don't get it....the hubby don't get it...and be real, most of the time...I forget too...It's been 20 years since my dad died and a pair went missing...

Daisy - Imagine the chaos with up to five of them!

SC - I've done the "take the stuff and request payment" with my own kids. I am reluctant to do the evil stepmother thing with my steps. There are so many accommodations they already make to the (huge) differences between the two homes... But the crate? I LOVE that idea. Love it!

Janet - Three of them have done that already. Strangely, *their* places seem to keep the shoes within reasonable bounds. Pfft. What am I saying? More likely, they just clean up when parents are expected!

Jerri Ann - I can scarcely throw stones in the multiple-shoes glass house. On that shoe rack, four of the nine pairs are mine. But I'm not asking for pristine, just for noon-trippage.

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