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May 14, 2008


Yeah, I've got one of those, too. She has very high morals and is judgemental (especially of me!) She doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs or curse...and is critical of all who do (my bad!) She gets straight A's in college. She's perfect! NOT! She only thinks she is. And...maybe because I know what I did at her age, I keep expecting the same from her, but like you, I don't think it will be anything I'll recognize as rebellious.

Now before anyone says anything negative...I am grateful for her...no problems. Been there, done that with my son. The thing is with my daughter, I'm waiting for the "other shoe to drop"!

You mean, your father's hoping...hoping...you'll get a taste of what you put him through. Poor guy. I've got 30 years or so to wait, but I'm already looking forward to the satisfaction of revenge.

Debbie--I'm so sorry you're being judged. That's awful. Fortunately, mine just condescends to me. Here's to other shoes never dropping!

SC--You are too funny. I hope he's not hoping that!

I was the good girl, the prep, the oldest and my younger sister (4 years younger) did everything I didn't do, complete rebel. I waited until I was 19 to do everything I wouldn't do in my early teenage years.

Watch dear son, he could give you a run for your money.

And here I pretty much stopped, Malinda, when I turned 18 because I knew I could get in legal trouble, LOL! I was such a pragmatic trouble-maker!

Oh, I'm watching the boy already. He's a peer-follower and loves everyone else's bad ideas.

I remember telling my younger brother, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" and hearing his response "That leaves it wide open!" 'Nuff said.

Daisy, I just think of myself as having had lots of life experience. I'm glad you've lived, too!

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