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May 13, 2008


Handwritten thank you notes differentiate us from the animals...that and opposable thumbs. I save thank you notes and love to look back at them to remember the person, the gift, etc. Is that weird?

Thank you! Sometimes I think that I'm the only mother left who insists on hand written thank you notes. Frankly, I have been very disappointed by my sons peers and their thank you emails or even worse - no response at all. The no response is just plain RUDE. My son complains, as yours does, but I still stand over him and nag until he does it.

The pre-printed solution is a good one for mass mailings. I'm sure the close friends and family appreciated getting the handwritten ones, too!

My 3 boys also have to write thank you notes. They also make their own Valentines and Birthday cards. One year we forgot to send a thank you note to great grama...we heard about the disgust through the grape vine. He never got a present from her again, even though we said sorry. The other two...They never made the same mistake.

Are thank you notes worth it? Oh yeah! I got recommended for a full tuition scholarship to college because the dean of the school was so impressed with my manners when I visited as a prospective student. The president of the college and his wife held an ice cream party to welcome the incoming freshmen...all of us. I wrote a thank you note, because it had been beaten into my head that writing a thank you note is simply WHAT ONE DOES. She wrote back, telling me that in her 13 years of hosting the ice cream social, I was the ONLY freshman to ever write a thank you note.

I was their babysitter and their house-sitter for very good money, for my entire four years at college, all because of a thank you note.

Thank you, Mom and Dad!

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