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May 23, 2008


I LOVED this!! My paents still try this routine on me and they are 60 this year, I'm 37 and still go "Urgh!" I'm a divorcee though, all cynical, you know ;o)

Penelope - And they're still ignoring you? Good for them!! LOL

Having weathered a divorce and then (after ten years with together) remarried, I can testify that the cyncism does wear off! Mostly...

Perfect! My man will be returning home from a few days out of town tonight. Should I warn the kids to shield their eyes? Nah!

Hmmm....I like this, too. Gotta try it.

I needed to read this - I think my husband and I have been letting this slide a bit lately :-). However, we have started warning the kids in advance so they can avert their eyes.

One day I complimented my man on his "caboose" -- the teen groaned. We laughed. I meant his new train t-shirt! But yes, we're still affectionate, and it drives them buggy.

Lots of good tips here! must kiss longer!

Recently my sons have taken to telling us to "get a room!" when they catch us kissing or hugging. So I grab my husband's adorable behind, and sweep my other hand around in a grand gesture.

"See this kitchen? OUR ROOM. That living room? OURS, TOO. YOUR bedroom? OURS, til you start paying rent. So unless you want us kissing in THERE, you better just leave it be."


Beautiful site!

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