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May 09, 2008


Blimey! I was sitting here stressing about a tough week but somehow I think you got me beat.
I know I keep saying it but wine really is the root to eternal happiness, calm and bliss!
Hang in there :o)

And to think, you actually do miss them when they're gone. Seems impossible I know.

I spent the last two years just itching for Son to find a place of his own, "Aren't you sick of me telling you to clean up your room yet?"

Two weeks ago he moved out...and though it's not like I wish he was still here...I do miss him.

This too shall pass...like a kidney stone sure, but it will pass.

A yelling, angry teen? Gee, I can't even imagine...

I hope the trip makes up for the stressful week! You're a goddess, BTW, for trumpeting your son's academic triumphs despite the party and his unpleasantness about the weeds. You're doing a great job. Hang tough, honey!

I'm out of breath just reading about your life lately. Good luck in Chicago.

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