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May 08, 2008


Thank goodness the graphic isn't printed ON the condom.

It isn't, right?

Don't worry, Kathy, it's on the package. :) I don't even want to imagine what it would look like otherwise...

And I totally don't get it. Why are they handing out condoms with pictures of Hillary and Bill on them?

HAHAHA that's hilarious *thumbs up* I have to show this to my friend.

That is GREAT!

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed them and had a "teaching moment" with them. Condomania.com approached us (the MOMocrats) about promoting their line of Election Protection condoms, and we thought it was pretty funny. The Obama prizewinner got some with his picture on them, and one of the winners got a whole assortment. We passed on the McCain ones, but they are available.

Glennia, that's fabulous! I've also heard of chocolate candies in condom shapes -- they're called Condommints. The mint ones are for eating, though, not for actual use.

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