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May 22, 2008


Blindsided. Pain and worry. That's most of my experience with my kids' schools. Good or bad, it's someone ELSE messing with your kid. One of my sons had unfortunate feelings toward some of his classmates and we had to talk that out. Good luck with Amigo.

My 17yo had some issues with this in 9th and 10th grade. It was a hanging out with the guys thing and he did not learn it from me or his father. We discussed it but I am pretty sure it went on all of ninth grade. Every bad word my boys know they learned in the hallways of public school.

Best wishes.

Thanks for the support. There was a bomb threat at his school, so tomorrow the place will be crawling with cops and the tension will be thick. We've talked through all the precautions, and I feel safe sending him as usual. But worry...it just grows.

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