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May 19, 2008


Oh, Margy, this is lovely. You've given him much more than just a spark. As I watch my 5 kids/stepkids find their way, I want the same for them--passion, risk, striving for more within themselves. And modeling it is one of the best ways I know to get them there!

sweet post. And don't you think that the simplest stories can often be the most heartfelt?

Thank you, Judy. I certainly try to model the kind of life I want for my kids. It's hard though- when I want so much more for them than even I ever had.

Ginger- thanks for visiting! I was so impressed with his writing- and frankly, I DO think it was not only heartfelt, but showed a great deal of the "extraordinary" he was so sure he lacked.

That's beautiful! And can I just say what a treat it is to read a post from a parent who has something positive to say about how odious all teenagers are gets old fast, especially when I have two specimens in my house who aren't terrible at all. Challenging, certainly, but not evil, as teens are made out to be.

Thanks, Molly. As both a teacher and a parent, I can vouch for a good percentage of kids today. There will always be a few who are challenges- but they are far outnumbered by good kids who are just-- just kids.

Beautiful. I love the way he made the seemingly ordinary sound so special.

So do I, Daisy. Sometimes I'm so proud of him I could pop.

i'm not a mom nor even a teenager anymore, but this post and many previous are examples of the reason i read this blog!

my brother and myself are 18 and 20-year-old college students, raised by a couple of those wonderful "mad" people and are just like that ourselves.
thanks for the story. :)

Thanks, Jess. I;m flattered.

"Mad" people, as Kerouac defines them, are the ones who do it right.

Burn, baby. Burn.

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