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April 18, 2008


Oh, honey, mothers of teens the world over feel your pain. Did you catch the NY Times article a number of months ago where they were talking about measuring happiness, and according to the scientists' calculations, "...parents of teens were the unhappiest of all..."? No surprise there.

But, really - I would enforce a no work, no food policy at this point, especially if you are planning to entertain. Then you will have the joy of 2 sullen teens in the kitchen with you, acting as though they have a combined IQ of 11 or so, being as unhelpful as can be. Like my teen daughter last year when we bought a new house - we dubbed her "Anna, the one-armed mover."

Oh, I'm laughing and crying at the same time, Margalit! The chopped liver story is priceless! (Will you take the cost of his special treats from his allowance?)

I'm a big believer in timers--maybe set a timer for fifteen minutes and, if they work as hard as they can for that time, they can go back to texting, computing, studying, etc. as soon as it dings. Then do it again the next hour.

But I also like the "work for food" suggestion. A lot!

I have a strict - if you don't help bring in the enormous amount of groceries that I am forced to shop for, prepare and clean up after - you do not get to eat any of them. Works so far. I only have one who just edged into teendom though.

I said it before and I'll say it again. It all sounds delicious! Will work for food.

I feel your pain. Seems to me Passover was to remind us of the journey to the freedom from slavery; this "holiday" enslaves you to the kitchen. I got lucky this year. My teen, cusp of 15, was more than happy to help. We cooked side by side and hopefully I really broadened his cooking skills. The promise of a new Ipod for his upcoming birthday may have helped provide incentive.

This hits home! I noticed this year that my 3.5 yr old was the only one who helped clean the house and peel the veggies for Passover. The 10 and 12 yr olds couldn't find enough excuses to be elsewhere! I guess i should enjoy the little guy's desire to help for as long as it lasts... We can only hope that once they become real "grown-ups" that all of those years instilling the helping bug will re-emerge in their own homes.
Happy Passover!

This sounds just like Christmas dinner at my house. All that work (while everyone disappears to watch football or play on the computer or whatever). And when the meal is over in 20 minutes — they disappear again! (But I usually get more than a few "Thanks, Mom"s, so we keep it up.

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