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April 22, 2008


i don't mean this in a rude way but i've gone over to a lot of boys houses and i don't like the moms that hover. they always make me feel like they think i'm going to steal something.

Sam, I hate to break it to you, but whenever boys and girls are together in a room, mothers are going to hover. Good mothers, anyway. It's just something you'll have to put up with - we all did, too, back when we were your age!

I love this peek into your new social life, Melanie. And I hadn't thought about it, but things have changed here, too, since Pom's boyfriend, Ruger, has started hanging around. We're in remodeling chaos, but when Pom announced he was joining us for dinner on Sunday, I freshened up a bit and vacuumed and dusted. I really want to encourage them to hang around here, rather than in places unknown....

It's amazing just how much I can assess in a quick drop-in to deliver a bowl of popcorn or a plate of cookies.

I, too, "hover" a bit more when there are both genders in a room, and I have noticed that I keep the bathroom more sparkling when there are girls running about.

They are good kids- I know this- but the fact is, band kids (and drama kids, and newspaper kids and choir kids) reproduce too. And it's not going to happen on my watch.

My daughter's 5 and my son is 1, so I haven't run into this with them yet, but I still do it with my husband's friends. We got married at 21 and he's still the only one in his group who's married. When his main guy friends come over for the weekend, I'm one of the guys and I'm comfy and I love it. When one of them brings the current girlfriend, I feel enormous pressure to be a good hostess and cook and entertain her.

I think I prefer leaving the guys to their farting and xbox360. :)

I'm not looking forward to girls coming to the house for those very reasons. The boys just don't notice! The last time I had girls here with any frequency was about 5 years ago, when my oldest and some neighborhood girls were K and 1st grade - even then the girls noticed the dust bunnies (though I didn't have to chaperone back then).

That's funny! What a dumb comment, but I wanted to say something; and that's all I could think of. We have 3 and 3, so we won't be noticing much change around here.

Whenever boys and girls are around together, moms hover, all right. I've been known to toss a couch pillow in between couples who were sitting too close together. :)

I have one of each (both in college now) so I know exactly what you mean. One of the reasons I think we clean a little more and get dressed is because that as females we know they are looking at those things. Maybe not consciously, but they do. And then probably report back to their mothers.

Also the moms of the girls really want to know that the moms of the boys whose homes they visit are "hovering" just a bit.

Some people would say hovering is what helicopter parents do...but I'm not one of them. (One of those people, nor one of those helicopter parents.) But vigilance is necessary at this age and my son knows it and expects it and rolls his eyes at it, but understands it's non-negotiable. Some day he'll thank me. Maybe. Oh, who's kidding? Of course he won't.

He will probably never thank you for hovering, maybe for caring, but never hovering. However all the other parents will thank you. And I think that now most of the children I know don't really resent their parents involvement. In fact they seem to "like' us more than we liked our parents. They certainly are more open than I ever remember being.

"A short, cranky boy who occasionally cross-dresses" -- LMAO!!

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