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April 25, 2008


Ilona, you do rock as a mom! I am so jealous. And, as someone who gets monthly massages, your daughter should be in high demand for employment. How great! And yes, there are certain windows when our kids can explore. Try things out. Give it a shot. Your daughter is in one of those now. As is my oldest son (just about to graduate from college). I've been giving him very similar advice. So far though it has not resulted in a salt scrub!

Sounds like it was a lovely March break - for you! :-) That is a great reward for years of hard mothering work.

And I agree with your counsel to your daughter - this is the time to explore. Some young adults do seem to get on a track and close off other options very early. Then again, at some point they do have to pick something and settle in with it - at least for awhile - but it doesn't have to be at 21. As long as they're not living in their childhood bedroom for six years while they're doing that exploring...

And this American appreciates the clarification of the difference between "college" and "university," since they tend to be used interchangeably here.

Kudos, you do rock!

Your early twenties are the perfect time for that kind of exploration...all the better that your daughter now has more options available to her.

And of course, who is going to begrudge free massage therapy?

Oh, btw, if there is an open call for guinea pigs...let me know.

Ironic that I titled my post yesterday "going back to college!" I'll be staying at a university apartment, however uncouth, with my daughter tonight. She is such a night owl and I am such a morning person, we might actually only need one bed. :)

You DO rock! Your loving attitude toward your daughter is revealing and so refreshing. She's one lucky girl.

Now. Maybe she could meet a nice dentist....

I adore salt scrubs!!! Makes me hallucinate that my cellulite has shrunk! Good stuff.

I did university right out of hs. Never graduated. Got married, had kids, raised kids, went back to college 3 years ago, I will have an associates degree by August and will be entering the nursing program in Sept~if I survive, I'll be an LPN by Sept 2009. I'll be 47. I am considering going for a BSN and perhaps a Masters in Mental Health........need to win the lotto first.

One son quit hs before gradauating. People tell me he'll get his degree eventually. My answer, he'll get his degree when HE wants his degree. We've both grown up in the past few years.

Enough babbling for now. Can you tell I have not talked to any feamle adults today?

Now that your daughter is not pursuing anthropology, you might not be interested...but I am giving away a copy of Fieldwork on my blog (contest ends tomorrow.) It's a fictional account of an anthropologist in Thailand and how her life crosses paths with Christian missionaries. I'm much more articulate in my review on my blog.

Judy - Thanks! It's too bad she lives so far away, because I would absolutely be having a monthly massage. Heck, I'd even be willing to *pay*!! As for your son? He just needs to have a radical change of career heart -- you never know what might happen. :-)

Florinda - It's quite likely true that I'm more able to be cheerfully supportive of this choice of hers because a) she'll be repaying her student loans herself and b) she likes being independent. (No extra three years in my basement!)

Zayna - If you can get yourself to her city, the college is always looking for guinea pigs! Always, for all sorts of lovely treatments.

Daisy - I slept on a suprisingly comfortable couch, in a surprisingly clean apartment. The girl has gotten quite domestic since she left home!

Laura - Thank you! She's met a nice philosophy/something major. (I always forget the other half of his double major!) At this point, his goal is PhD then professorship. Big plans!

Janice - "Makes me hallucinate..." LOL

I also went to university straight out of high school. (In fact, I left high school a year early, on an early-admission scholarship.) I graduated with an English degree and a teaching degree, both of which I have actually applied in any of my various jobs along the way maybe... oh... five years out of 25? Do I think my education was wasted? Not at all!

Di - That sounds vaguely familiar. She may have read it already, but I'll send her the link. Thanks!

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