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April 29, 2008


I teach middle and high school. Everyday I see the result of the parent-as-bodyguard “trend” aka helicopter parents. Some of these kids can’t wipe their noses without whipping out the cell phone and calling a parent! Never mind that they are not supposed to use their cell phones in school. Quite frequently, it is the parents texting their kids during the school day. I have – I kid you not – received an irate e-mail from a parent about something that has transpired in class before the class period is over! As a group, I find my students quite unskilled at planning, organizing their thoughts and making decisions on their own. Seeing this outcome, I am very pleased that my own kids can make independent decisions and – horror of horrors – things do not always turn out well. The happy outcome is that they then learn how to do it better the next time around!

Good for you!! I went off to boarding school at the age of 11 and flew from England to Germany alone at that age. After that, juggling the London Tube system and various trains from school to home was a walk in the park.
I'm all for giving kids some independence, at least they all carry phones now, we never had them when we were adventuring.

Good for you! My teen has learned the local bus routes with the help of his mobility instructor. He has to know how to get around; he's blind, he won't drive. He has talked about moving to a big city with good public transportation.


My little sister is 10 and if we lived in a safer part of the city (we're in the shitty section of the Bronx) I'd totally let her leave home and go into midtown if somebody was meeting her. She's allowed to go a few places by herself but she's not allowed to come home or leave home alone because it's not safe.

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