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April 24, 2008


Oooh, you are a brave woman. But I guess staying in a dorm last year prepared you for this.

Have fun with your daughter!

Good luck, Daisy!

Oh, Daisy, here's to you! Last spring I stayed with my son in his apartment. He's a good kid and he's tidy, but I declined to use his shower. Good thing I was just staying for one night.

In a dorm room, though? You're a stronger woman than me!

I can handle almost anything if there is coffee.

But it has to be really, really good coffee.

Judy and Lynn, the dorm was actually very quiet. Most of the kids on her floor went home for the weekend.
We Festival Adjudicators always get coffee in the morning before we start judging. If all else fails, there's a McD's down the street.

You can pretend you're 20 again. Why? Why not? Just have as much fun as possible and stay away from any punch drinks. Snerk.

Janice, dare I admit it? I remember those punch drinks. Whoa. I think I'll stick to beer and pizza. Or better for me, Diet Coke and sub sandwiches.

Were your punch drinks made with AlCool? (Remember that stuff? Is it still out there? Is it still legal? Because it shouldn't be...)

I stayed a few days in my daughter's apartment. Brought back lots of happy memories, because she's living in the same city where I went to university!

How did the Festival go?

All went well. La Petite had the use of my vehicle while I was judging, so she was happy. I had a good day, heard some wonderful singing, and earned a bit of cash, too. She's not a drinker, thank goodness. I hope she stays that way for a long time.

Given that she has a two-tone toilet and a four-color bathroom, a hungover close-up view of which would surely qualify as HELL, I too hope she stays a non-drinker for a long time.

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