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April 26, 2008


Wow...you've had a day like mine! I was accused of everything from coercing my son into signing for a student loan to making him live in squalor for the past 4 years (while letting his sister live in an expensive, newly built dorm room)! Yes, I know how you feel...although I love them, there are times I don't like them.

I want to go where your muse is.

I feel your pain. Can we get a group discount to visit our muses? Or is mise?

wow...this right here makes me feel so at home. I found this blog a few weeks ago and it quickly became a favorite. I had my one and only child when I was still a child myself and have stuggled many times over the past 11 years to find someone, anyone who understands...

right now, my issues aren't being young and having a baby in tow while all my friends are at prom...my issues are being young (only 27) and having a preteen in tow while all my friends are cooeing and in looooove with their wonderful toddlers.

My issues, are having a child who rolls her eyes and talks back and tells me I "don't get it" and argues every single little thing down to the bone with me...

a child who I love dearly but frankly right now has worn my last nerve down to the bone and just today uttered the words that I felt I would be stricken down for "I just don't even like her right now"

I clearly don't know which way is up or down, east or south or anything in between right now...but gawd does it feel good to finally have a place to go where I can feel so-not alone...

thank you for this site/blog...it is so appreciated

case in point of how bad a loon i have become...i reread my comment just now and wished so bad for an edit button...i really am smarter then that comment would lead one to believe ahahahaha

Good grief am I glad I'm not alone! Well I am LOL but not in this! My son had a meltdown slamming things saying nasty crap to me Saturday morning. Why didn't I wake him up? I never have to wake him up.

The fact he came in at 4 a.m. and I just assumed he called in to work so he wouldn't have to get up at 5? Was I wrong? Hell yes in his eyes and a big idiot! All this while getting ready to go in late, with 2.5 hours of sleep for a 12 hour shift?

This is not quite normal for him, but of late, I am seeing a terrible temper brewing under there and I don't like it. And especially when directed at ME!

I've reread this post five times, one for each one of my muse-repulsing teenagers. Bah - forget the muse reference, and let's just call them repulsive, shall we?

Not that I don't love them, of course.

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