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April 09, 2008


Correctable or no, I hereby absolve you of all your aforementioned mistakes. Don't give them another thought! (And not just because I'm guilty of them all--though I did compost for a while.)

Am I the only one who thinks the Smurfs were, well, kind of creepy?

Thanks, Laura! And, I'm with you--I never got the Smurfs. Too blobby and creepy.

Hmmm, next time my daughter tells me, "You suck!" or "You're mean!"

I'll have to retort with a "At least I didn't turn your skin blue."


Cute post.

Oh, btw, I loved the Smurfs. But then, I'm really weird.

I have wondered from time to time if I had somehow cheated my kids out of something they might love by never serving brussels sprouts, or liver and onions, or any other food I hate...

I wondered- but I still never cooked those things. Ick.

And that smurf thing, you and Laura were talking about above? I think the plain fact is, girls-- we were too old for smurfs. They didn't show up until I was (we were) in college. Who had time to watch TV?

I feel better, at least my family isn't blue! I have made all of your "mistakes" and maybe more, but now I can say, "At least you aren't blue!" And my guess is they will look at me like I am a nut and leave me alone. Thank You so much!!!

oh thank goodness i haven't screwed up entirely just yet!

Yes, Ladies, I'm there for you--I've given you the perfect retort when your kids complain about your mothering. So glad I could help out! (Just wait 'til I write about my ancestor the cannibal!)

I say not turning your children blue warrants a "Mother of the Year" award.

Oh man, colloidal silver, by any chance?

When Husband comes home and asks what I did all day, my answer will be "I did not turn the children blue."

Well, I have a compost bin, and I'm a rather green mom. But that's a metaphor; I've never turned my family green, temporarily or permanently.

And you admit relation to him? OMG--that Smurf Guy , he scared the crap out of me when I saw him in People Magazine. You got to wonder what the heck was he thinking as his skin kept getting bluer?!!!! And your cousin? Uh, WTF?

I have also done many things--some of which I surely regret. I have felt blue but have never actually been blue. Nor have my kids. Unless the color of their hands when they were dying t-shirts counts.....

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