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April 23, 2008


Sometimes I bite so hard my lip bleeds, but I couldn't agree more.

Great post.

I find that wine helps with the lip-biting ; )

Absolutely right on! Mine are still young teens but I'm all about consequences, live and learn, right?
PS. Wine helps EVERYTHING! ;o)

I wish the consequences would fall on my young teen, when they have been warranted. I have yet to see them happen, but I am ready!

And...if you leave your cell phone in your jeans pocket and it gets washed or you lose it...it's gone, good-bye, sayonara, adios, ciao baby! (Okay, did I mention this has happened recently and I'm still not over it!)

Penelope--wiser words were never spoken!

Jules, I promise, those consequences are right around the corner. Just bide your time.

Debbie--Ooh, that's painful. After my son's fell in the pool (where he was working) he happily paid for the insurance on a new one (which is where his next few paychecks went!)

At the school where I work we made a "the night custodian may not let you in to get your forgotten work" policy - just so the kids could face the natural consequences.

I love them. I also practice Love and Logic.

I'm curious on the cell phone one... can a teen get a cell phone in their own name? If so, doesn't that kind of screw up their credit, way before they're old enough to understand the full implications of credit? And if not... doesn't that screw up YOUR credit? Not necessarily saying that it isn't worth it in the long term... just curious.

In my other role (teacher, not mom) I've had parents wail at me about natural consequences. I hope some of them are reading you today!

Ooh, Daisy, I heard plenty of those wailings!

Megs, my son's cell phone was on my plan, but he had to pay to replace it. The "phone story" I mention in the post--it belonged to a 23 year-old who set up the plan himself.

My two middle-school carpool passengers were discussing all the ways to get out of our state's new law that you can't talk on a cellphone without a hands-free device while driving. They thought that you just had to tell the officer that you didn't know about the law. Yeah, sure.

I've done the clothes thing...and it has an extra bonus...less laundry for me!

very practical tips, need to keep these for the next years to come :) what a natural woman!

The pink underwear one had me laughing out loud. Of course, two of my children are girls, so that's not SUCH a terrible consequence... But funny? Yeah!

Well written, and absolutely bang on!

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