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March 17, 2008


Love the concept! I'm preparing to say goodbye to my only child for the summer, as he heads to a job at the beach. I know it will be great for him and time for him to experience more of life...but my mama's heart is already tugging and it is 2 months away. As a widow, we have been through so much together...reality of being all alone is sinking in... However, I won't miss dirty sock piles, my cuticle scissors that disappear, the cordless phone that is found in the couch after it has stopped ringing and the grocery bill for feeding the guys that hang out at our house!

Congrats!!!!!! I wish you great success and some seriously amusing posts. :D

Wow! Today I start a new chapter - I'm going back to work FULL TIME after spending the last 20 years at home raising 2 offspring ( and a hubby!!), and I find you guys ( via NE Mamas!!) At last - I was beginning to think Moms of older kids didn't blog!!
I will check you out more after work! OMG, I haven't said " after work for soooo long!!

I like the look of this blog - the colors and banner, etc...very nice!

My "teen' has long left his teens, he's in his later 20's now- oh, if only I had a site like this to go to back then!

good job with this....


i do not have older children. in fact, i do not have children at all. but i work with lots of children who will one day be teenagers, and some might even make it to college (fingers crossed for them). also, i was once a teenager and also a college student. also, i have a mom.

and thus i feel totally qualified to be reading and commenting on your fun, well-written blog. yay! yay for moms! and yay! yay for mid-century moms!

congratulations on your new, fabulous mom-net presence. i am sure it will be a big hit.

I'm one of you! Well, not on the record...:-), but with nearly 24 years of mothering experience and current graduate work in step-parenting (13 YO and 8 YO), I am very glad that you're on the scene. We "advanced" moms really haven't had a place to call our own, so it's about time! I'm looking forward to reading and participating here.

The link back to you isn't working with the badge I put on my blog! help!

Congratulations on the new site, ladies! I linked to you from my blog - hope it sends traffic your way. It's a great idea and I hope you're still around in a few years when my oldest starts going through these stages!

This is a stellar idea! I'm actually the one going off to college and leaving my mother behind, but I think I might finally be able to get her into the realm of blogging with a site like this around. :)

Great job!

Jen, I think the link problem is a missing "s"--in the code, you'll need to add the letter 's" to the end of the word "mom" in the string "mid-centurymodernmom" add an "s" at the end and see if that works.

I love the banner! Nice buttons and layout!

Kat and Amy! So good to see some Biscuits hanging around here! Thanks for stopping by!

Fantastic Idea!
And the Banner & Site are divine!

YAY!!! I am so happy to see this! I am one of y'all, too. I certainly enjoy reading all the young moms out there, but that was SO a decade or more ago for me, so it's more nostalgic than anything.

I have two boys, one is 21 and already holding down a fulltime job (still living at home, AAARGH), and the other is 16, newly driving, and already getting tons of college letters in the mail.

Again, I say YAY!!

What a great idea - even for moms of younger kids, it's good to be able to get a glimpse of what it is that we have to look forward to... ;)

While I enjoy the blogs of moms with little kids (I can enjoy the memories, but be glad I'm not dealing with potty training anymore), I'm glad to find a site for what comes next. My elder son is almost a teen (12 next week), so I have many years of teenagers ahead of me.

I have posted about you and made html code so folks can put you in their side bar here:


I love it! I love the banner, I love the layout (I dig typepad), AND the concept is fantastic! Even though my girls are really young, I know that one day (too soon) I'll be a mid-century mom myself.

Mine are 13 (girl) & 17 (boy) and I am lovin' this site.

Thank you all SO much for the nice complements and the warm welcome. I hope that you all continue to come daily and commiserate with all the posters here. And if you need a voice outside your own blog to talk about your teens, just let us know! We're happy to have guest posters.

Beautiful idea! I love it. All the hard work you have been doing is paying off big time. Thanks for doing this for all of us moms with older kids. I can feel that it is truly a labor of love.

congrats on the new site. I have a 22, a 18 and a 8 year old. I haven't seen a lot of sites dealing with the older ones. I post often of the 18 year old and his troubles. I don't think the few readers I have understand what I am dealing with and I fear I may be scaring them. heh! I will be back.

What a great idea for a blog! I love the banner too! Thanks for letting me know about this. I'll definitely be back to see what I have to look forward to!

I found you via BlogHer and this is wonderful! I have a 14 yr old (son) and 12 yr old (daughter - going on 21!) so I feel right at home here :o)
I'm really not very techy so not sure if I can work out links and badges but I'll try for sure!

Brilliant! You must read my Thursday Thirteen this week...which was actually written by my friend. It addresses these same thoughts...why the "mommy blogosphere" doesn't grab her. What the "mature" Mom wants to read.

I had exactly the same feedback to our newspaper which is starting a Mom's website. The prototype seemed to skew to moms with small kids. And I pointed out that we moms of tweens/teens didn't have the same natural support groups that we had when you became insta-friends with the other mom at the playground.

I will be reading often!

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