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March 24, 2008


ATM = Always Take Mom's! Love it. Your description of supper is making my mouth water, too, and it's only breakfast time. :)

Tearing your hear out, indeed! You must be the soul of patience, Margy, because I would've demanded the car keys back before he could get out the door. Then again, I'm kind of a hard-ass that way....Wish I could've enjoyed some of your tasty pasta!

Okay, maybe not the car keys--that is awfully harsh--but at least my money! ;)

The only revenge I have is they always forget to take the money out of said jeans...well we have a rule all money found in the laundy is MOM'S to keep =)))

Yeah, I let the 21 year old use my card to get gas last week, and he gave me $20. The thing is, he charged $36. Excellent.

Ha! I keep my wallet (instead of in my purse) in the drawer with the potholders and dishtowels: they'd NEVER think to look there!

He'll go far that boy! (In your car, no doubt...)
I also LOVED the ATM acronym, I'll remember that one ;o)

I will have to remember the ATM remark. I was almost sure you were going to say you got change from the ice, and I was going to be mad, I never get change. My son has his own car, he complains about mine, but if I have gas in the car, he has NO problem borrowing it. Hey, can I come eat with you, dinner sounded great!

As I type this note my 18 year old daughter is about to emark on a cooking experiment in the kitchen. I call them experiments simply because I have no idea what she is making. What I do know is that it smells awful. She had been a vegan for the last year and a half. The pleasant side is that I don't have to cook for her, the downside is frying tofu has ruined two of my best pans, the smells are ungodly and she has learned the fine art of using every pot in the house.

I thoroughly enjoy your site gals, keep up the divine work!

I love it! Sounds exactly like my son! Especially the "if I put it in my debit account I'll spend it" - we all know Mom's money spends better than his.

My son is still young enough that he leaves the change in his pockets. So while I'm folding laundry I'll call out, "Thanks for the $6 tip!"

Count me as another Mom that might as well be an ATM machine. But I finally got something right. I stopped carrying cash. At all. Ever. I never have cash. I only use my debit card, and it has a finite amount of money on it every month. When it's gone, it's gone. Until my check next month. So if a kid 'borrows' my card and charges, say, a pair of shoes for her friend (ahem), then that money is money that we can't use at the movie theatre or to pay the cell phone bill.

My kids are starting to learn now to budget for household expenses this way, which is a plus. The minus? I'm so freaking poor all the time!

Our laundry rule is- whoever FINDS cash in the laundry gets to keep it. THe kids have gotten pretty good about checking pockets when they sort, but I still finders-keepers on anything in the lint trap or the baskets when I fold. (I am the only one who knows how to bend clothing so it will fit into dresser drawers.)

I (as noted above) seldom carry cash either. Not necessarily by choice. It does help curb expenses though.

Since I wrote this I had another ATM card adventure with Snooze-- he now knows he may NEVER, NEVER assume sleep sounds to be permission to borrow my card in the middle of the night.

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Wasn't 2007 last year? Didn't this blog just debut?

I make sure I don't carry cash unless it's in my jeans pocket. Otherwise those lazy suckers find it and spend it and never say thank you.

Can I come eat Italian at your house Margy?

Love the acronym! I'm always asking my teenaged boys if they can detect some kind of smell from my purse after I go to the ATM. It seems like every time I get a little green money in my purse, they swoop in and get their share! Which is usually my share too!

luved it. & Im hungry too.

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