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March 20, 2008


I am enjoying the new blog very much. can empathise with most posts which is a bit scary because my oldest is still only 13! I like the reverse locust analogy! Also re yesterdays entry, he is heading off to Austria and Germany for 4 days tomorrow, with school so I am assuming will be welll supervised but yes, separation anxiety ++ for Mom.

Hmm, I really like to mix my M & M's up--you know, some peanut, some peanut butter, a few almond, and some classic.

But, of course, with my brood, I can never find them when I need them. Unless I look under their beds (which the dog also discovers), in their top dresser drawer (I have no idea what that means), and in the pockets of their jeans (among all the other terrifying things I find when I do laundry).

Oh, the sigh of relief at the description of your kitchen! I am not alone! I am not alone! I think the original metaphor is correct though- they strip the cereal boxes and refrigerator of their contents, the cupboards of clean dishes, and leave no evidence of what laid waste to the formerly clean kitchen or who the ravenous culprit might have been...

Fortunately for me, Jenny, Pom pretty much confines her debris to her bedroom. I'm the guilty one at our house--I have a reputation for covering "every horizontal surface" with stuff....Good luck with Middle's piercing adventures. Keep us posted!

(Hang in there, Gem. Even when they're not well-supervised, kids always imagine that they are when grown-ups are around!)

Thanks you guys! And wow, how do you keep her mess confined to her room. Some day for a good laugh I'll take you on a written tour of their bedrooms...

Oooooh, let's have a MCMM messiest teen bedroom contest!

As I was pulling up the blog I was thinking about how nice my house looked because the cleaning lady had just left. Everything shiny and in it's place, the kitchen spotless, the floors gleaming. In one short week it will revert to abject filth, the kind of filth that you worry DSS will discover and take your kids away. I try, I honestly do try, but with the whole reverse locust thing happening with my kids, and the addition of all their friends and the freaking cat who keeps PEEING ON THE FLOOR, I can't keep up.

When is college starting again?

Nina, brilliant idea. But I promise you hands down my son will win. It almost wouldn't be fair.

We'd have to have photos for this contest. And we could create gender and age categories: Messiest Girl/Boy 14 and under, 15-17, 18-21, Messiest dorm room, Most rotten food discovered, Least amount of floor space showing, Biggest Dustballs under bed, etc. The boy might not walk away with the whole shebang that way.

Can I enter my 13-year-old stepdaughter in that messiest-room contest?

Haha...I've beeen trying to convince my husband (stepfather to my three) for five years now that they are NORMAL, but he doesn't believe it. I might have to send him the link to this post! I tend to picture bears in a cabin, though. :)

Then, they get cars, and it's truly amazing and disturbing what they can stow in those things.

And hmm...green M&Ms? I wonder if those have other deep, symbolic meaning than when I was a teenager. If not, your husband better watch out if you're stress eating very many of them!

House elves? You have house elves? Where can I get one?

Really interesting to read a blog with a focus on parenting teenagers. I have three sons aged 15, 17 and 19. They are lovely but oh they have their moments!

I do crave not coming home after work to a lounge that isn't strewn with dirty glasses and chippie packets and a kitchen covered in crumbs. But do wonder if one day - when they are gone - I'll miss it all!

Perfect Metaphors for a swarm(more than one)of teenagers. I ate almond m&m's for my dinner tonight. I hide them. Very sneakily hide them. Great article.

My house elves went on strike! They demand better pay and cleaner rooms. I have been trying to find the mystery smell in my 18 y.o.'s room for 2 weeks. He doesn't smell it, I on the other hand can smell it in the living room. And it doesn't take an hour for mine to make a mess....all he does is walk in a room. Kinda like PigPen in the Charlie Brown comics!

I work at a busy Veterinary Clinic and have often met parents coming in to board their pets with looks of dismay written across their faces. Upon light prodding I come to discover that they would rather be boarding their teenagers and keep the pets home. To my knowledge there is no such facility but what an interesting concept.

This afternoon my daughter wandered down from her war zone of a room with a popcorn bowl full of coffee cups. In each cup lay a dried up tea bag which had become cemented to the side with neglect. I counted 12 cups. Since she had just awoken at noon, it wasn't an opportune time for a lecture (she's always cranky when she wakes) not to mention the fact that my two thousand lectures have made absolutely no difference. Her room is a lab experiment. My kitchen looks like I have 8 children when in fact I only have one female teenager. I am not allowed to have a portable phone that actually works. I can't speak to her friends and if I kiss my partner of one year within ear shot of her she doesn't speak to me for two days. She's announced that she won't be going to college next year but instead moving to a french speaking province to find a job (she doesn't speak french). She occasionally asks if I'd like to hang out which means would I like to spend at leaset $100.00 on her at the mall. If I say no I'm a bad mother for not wanting bonding time with her daughter. If I say yes I don't buy groceries.

I would like my eyeliner, tweezers, hair treatment and blow dryer back.

I've resorted to emailing her. It's safer.

not all teenagers are such slobs. I turned 16 last fall and my younger sisters (10 and 13) and I would NEVER be so sloppy and especially never leave a kitchen so messy. that's how you get ants and roaches.

Once again, you're in my house and I'm putting my tin foil hat back on.

Can I enter my husband in the messiest room contest? ;)

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