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March 16, 2008


Are you sure that you were touring your own house? It sounds a bit like mine after a kids' weekend...although I haven't yet seen a sock in a glass.

My husband's going to be the crazy old man. That's his job, wandering around muttering about it all. :)

I remember this all too well.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be back.

How am I just now finding out about this site? And to whom should I address this teenage foot growing issue? Really isn't 17 years sufficient for completed growth?

Florinda - And I think I forgot to mention the sock I saw ON THE NEIGHBOUR'S FRONT LAWN!!! (Of course, the neighbour has two teens, so it could be they're having "sock issues", too...)

Flea - Every household needs a mutterer! I think.

Ann - Thanks for dropping by!

TX Poppet - You've found this site on its Grand Opening. This is our first day here, so please, do come back! My son (18) seems FINALLY to have ceased with the foot growth. The foot stench continues to be an issue...

I only have one teen (13) but the younger boys (all boys) leave their socks everywhere. What is it with the freakin socks? Seriously. It sounds like my house.

Oh N.M.P.! The leaking fridge gave you away! That's ok, because I love a chance to read more of your writing. Go Mid-century moms, happy house warming.

My teenage daughter would hord EVERY towel in my entire house if I didn't watch her. God forbid she use a towel and then return it to the bathroom, where it belongs. And THEN she whines 'cause there's no towels.

DUH! YA THINK? I wonder why.

God forbid that she bring back and actually WASH the 20+ towels that litter the floor of the biohazard area she calls a bedroom.

And then she has the NERVE to look at me as if I've lost my mind when I get angry cause she's then taken MY towels out of our master bath cause she can't find any dry clean towels in her linen closet.

Bahahaha, I do the same thing.

Mutter, talk to myself, ask out loud whether or not I'm raising a family or merely a zoo keeper.

Great post. Great site. Can't wait to read more.

Heidi - I have NO IDEA what it is with the socks. None. I only know that the problem never seems to go away. Never. Well, until the children leave home, that is...

Chelsea - You found me! Absolutely right! Well done, and welcome back any time! I'll be posting on alternate Fridays, but there will always be something good up!

Jane - I've written about the towels on the girls' floor elsewhere, but "Biohazard" is absolutely the right word! And YES! Then they steal YOURS. And don't understand why that might bother you! Astonishing, isn't it?

Zayna - Mother or zookeeper? Hmmm... I have a fridge magnet that says, "M is for Mother, not for Maid", and while I appreciate the sentiment, I am fully away that M is in fact for mother AND for maid, both. Which is NOT how I would have it, if I'd written the damned dictionary...

I found you....something about the muttering, and the step kids, and the leaky fridge gave you away.
How is it that you have time for all this writing, when I personally cannot find time to pee alone?

Not only do I find socks lying all over my house, I find socks that aren't even ours. They belong to the neighbors, (or friends) because when I do the laundry I always notice that there are dirty socks that I've never bought or seen in my life.

You are not alone. I had tears rolling, this is me and my house, maybe a fewer kids, but hubby takes up the slack there. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.

Laughing out loud. This morning, I told Christian he had a sock poking out of his pants leg. He just lifted his leg and shook it a little bit, and the sock fell out and he just left it there on the floor.

It stayed there until the dogs found it...

Tammy - okay, the stepkids and the leaky fridge, sure. But how do you know I mutter? That's a little unnerving... But GLAD you found me, and hope you come back!

Marci - last summer, a neighbour left her shoes here. Came with shoes, walked home barefoot! When I tried to give them back (two months later), both the girl and her mother denied they were hers! They don't fit anyone in THIS house. I gave them to the Salvation Army...

JustMyLife - You have no idea how gratifying it is for me to know I made you cry. And NO! You are not alone! Come back more, and you'll see. There's bunches of us.

Jen - Just let it lie and walked away? In plain view of a parent? LOL You just wonder what goes on in their heads, don't you??

Oh I can so relate to this! My kids are younger (nearly 13 and 11 y/o twins), but what is it with the socks? And YES, socks I have never seen before. We live in a rental--do you think these socks belonged to previous tenants and have been hiding? They crawl out at night? Sounds like a good horror flick for moms!

Bwahaha - sorry, it doesn't get any better! As they get older and leave for college they just bring the socks back... in a laundry bag! and...they've been in there 2 or 3 weeks (with wet towels!)

I knew this post was you before I got to the end! lol, I have the biggest collection of odd socks in the world, I just can throw them away just in case I find the other...!

A friend directed me to this site. Laughing until tears form. I have three kids, and the last one left at home (a boy) is 17. I will be coming to this site daily to laugh and commiserate about the joys and perils of raising a teen, for sure! We refer to our son's room as the Toxic Waste Dump.

I think I wrote this post but since I'm a crazy muttering old lady, I don't remember doing it.

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