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March 15, 2008


Sniff. We have rabbits, and we've buried several over the years. It hurts every time. These small furry creatures bring so much love and joy to our lives. My heart goes out to you.

Thanks for the sympathy, Daisy. It's been quite a day.

That was a beautiful story. I'm sitting here at work with tears in my eyes over the loss of your cat. I am truly sorry for your loss.

i'm so sad about lucy, margy.
:-( saying good-bye to animals friends is almost as hard as saying good-bye to human ones, sometimes harder in certain instances. animals are so pure and most have absolutely no malice towards anything else on earth...unless it's a vaccuum cleaner, or some demented human being has taught them how to hate something.

i once read these books--MARLEY AND ME and one about a cat named katie (i think that was her name, at least)--and they both did an excellent job illustrating how very close to God-like love animals are able to get. i needed an entire box of tissues to get through both of these books. people who have never had and loved a pet don't understand this, and they're totally missing out.

Thanks, Cindy- I appreciate your sympathy. I didn't mean to make you cry!

Amy- So happy to see you here! I can find Marley and me, but do you remember anything else about the other one? I'm thinking my girl-child might find some solace in these...

My sympathies.

My Supercat isn't allowed outside, beyond the occasional role on the driveway or rump on a leash, with much supervision, but I still find the knot in my throat every time I see a black cat on the side of the road - and I see them way too often.

Supercat may only be a pet to some, but he is so much more - and is my family. He was my family prior to the Hubby and my son, and there will be much sadness when I lose him.

I don't think we are ever ready to lose them - whether they are with you for a year to 20-some years.

Thanks, RC- These things always happen too soon.
Give Supercat a scratch from me.

Oh Margy,
My heart is breaking for you. :(. I have lost several pets and it doesn't get easier and yes, we keep letting them into our lives. My life would not be complete without my furbabies. I love my children and my husband, but the furbabies are my compainions. I had a cat run away about 3 months ago and he hasn't come home yet. I had him for about 5 years. He was such a great cat. I am sure he is fine, where ever he is. I only hope that if any thing had happened, someone would have taken the time and care to put him to rest. Sometimes it really is just too hard.
Again, my sympathies and heart felt sorrow for your families loss. Hugs to you and yours.

In tears at work over this as well... I had pets all my life growing up, and as a grown up, my first two pets Rocco and Bailey never made it past a combined age of 3.

Your line: "We invest ourselves in our pets, until they are nearly as much a part of our everyday existence as the other humans in our midst"

Nearly? In some cases, they can be much much more... they are the keepers of our most unspeakable secrets and the givers of unconditional love.

Thank you for the compassionate responses, Debi and WP--
In the past few days, I have spent some time remembering a lot of animals who have graced my life... there are so many memories including some confidantes and mysteriouus disappearances. Bittersweet all.

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