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March 21, 2008


How the heck do they do that doorway thing?

I thought he was doing a backflip at first. I'm laughing out loud, even as I'm glad my 16-yr-old hasn't tried that -- yet!

My boys just climb up the door frames but they're not yet teens. The one who is a teen hasn't pulled that stunt yet.

May I ask what it is about them sitting around watching each other play games that does not drive them insane? Always makes me feel like we're being rude if some of our kids are playing and some of their friends aren't. Doesn't seem to phase them though.

Oh my goodness there IS another Mom out there like me. I have a house of 14, 12, & 9 year old boys. Oh my goodness you snuck in and took a picture. Except I have not seen any hanging from my archway...at least no one has admitted it yet... Hmmmm maybe that is why there seems to be footprints on the ceiling. I am so bookmarking you =))

LOL--that played tricks w/ my eyes b/c at first I thought he was that high in the air doing a backflip in the living room which was even more impressive! But hey, just what you need, a kid w/ a broken neck in your house! Though that hanging trick is mightly impressive! Now we know why school was invented in the first place!

I love this. You could be describing Spring Break at my house. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

I LOVE this! I have the same thing only I have girls. :) Oh, and no door frame climbing. Bu I do have jumping off the roof on to the trampoline to add to the list.

They don't even have to quite be teens to be like that, I've found--both the hanging from door frames and the vacant stare as OTHERS play Guitar Hero or whatever it is. Sigh...
Loved this. I'll be back.

wow, i thought it was a backflip too! must be because of my cheerleader/tumbling daughter.

who, by the way, doesn't play guitar hero, but HAS perfected the vacant stare.

I'm sooooo impressed! Wow, why couldn't my kid's friends have skills like that?

The thing I love about Guitar Hero is hearing my son "play" music from my era. He feels like he discovered it.

If you want to remove some of the vacant stares, upgrade to Rock Band!! We bought RB for DS at Xmas, and it kept both kids and various adults amused for days! Guitar, drums and singer!!Just pad the drum sticks or the tapping will kill ya!!
Kudos that your kid/friends are fit enuf to hang upside down!!

Wow...our homes are so similar. Except that mine climb door jambs by placing hands and feet on opposite sides and by pushing outward hold themselves up. Sorry, not a good visual. Have 3 teens 13 (girl), 15 and 17 (boys) and an 11 year old boy. GH3 rocks...great music. Middle son had tonsils out to celebrate spring break. Nice drugs, but (hallelujah sista!) he doesn't like the feeling they give him!

And I thought it was only my house that had "Boys Gone Wild".

This is precisely why we don't have a rec room/den.

I am new commenting here, but I thought I would say, we have that same lamp lol.

Hehe...my daughter went to a sleepover bday party last night, and she said they played Rock Band for 11 hours straight. With a 30-minute break for cake and pizza.

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